Prallel Indexer: Parallel input and output shafts

Parallel indexer of the type HSP are flat cam indexers that are often used as a drive for conveyor units thanks to their possible long dwell phase and the parallel input and output shafts. However, they are also suitable as drive for swivel units that ensure extremely fast and very accurate positioning. In addition, they can also be designed as a pendulum indexer.

Parallel indexer
Parallel indexer
HSP - Cut
Parallel indexer
HSP - Mechanism

The output is particularly torsionally stiff due to the two-sided support of the rollers in the output shaft.
The input and output shaft is adapted to the specific requirements by a variety of variants.

Parallel indexers - Possible applications:

Conveyor units | Pivot units | Drive for chain conveyor | Packaging machines | sorting units

Explosion protection

If necessary, our gearboxes can be supplied explosion-proof.
The explosion protection is approved for the following zones:
Ex II 3G ck T5 100 °C – Zone 2 – Gas
Ex II 3D ck T5 100 °C – Zone 2 – Dust

Parallel Indexer HSP – PDF Catalogue




Parallel mechanism: Individual center distances and design features

A mechanism is the mechanical core element of our indexers and thus offers the same functionality.
It is extremely flexible in production and can be adapted to individual needs. Individual center distances, bearings and design features are possible. Our mechanisms can be optimally integrated into your machine, even with narrow space or complex arrangement of different elements.

Simply tell us your requirements and the space available in your machine. Together with you we will design a suitable mechanism and discuss the special features of the mechanism with you. For example, the support and lubrication of the mechanism plays an important role.

Parallel indexer as pendulum indexer

Our Parallel indexer of the type HSP are also supply to you as a pendulum indexer. With continuously rotating input shaft, the output shaft executes a pendulum motion. Again, the required switching angle can be varied widely, so pilgrim step applications are not uncommon. We are happy to assist you in designing the required pendulum motion for your application.

HSP – Pendulum [German][PDF] | HSP – Pendulum [Englisch][PDF] | HSP – Pendulum [France][PDF]

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