Welcome at HEINZ AUTOMATIONs-SYSTEME GmbH. We produce cam gears with the highest precision on state-of-the-art production machines. For high-performance applications with up to 2000 cycles per minute as well as for conveyor applications - we have the best solution for for your application. Find out more about our products, operating instructions and much more on our homepage. Of course, we are also personally there for you, contact us.


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Mit einer Fertigungstiefe von ca. 95% sind wir bei HEINZ sehr stolz auf unseren Maschinenpark und unser Know-How.Gleichzeitig sind wir auch sehr stolz auf die …


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Hier sehen Sie die Funktionsweise unserer HSG Getriebe.Die Antriebswelle dreht sich kontinuierlich, wobei durch die Kurve im Getriebe eine Schrittbewegung an der Abtriebswelle erzeugt wird …

We, the HEINZ AUTOMATIONS-SYSTEME GmbH, manufacture exclusively in Germany. By using materials and standard parts of the highest quality and state-of-the-art production facilities, we achieve an absolute top quality with our products.


In 2001, HEINZ AUTOMATIONS-SYSTEME GmbH took over all rights, drawings and documents of Manifold® Indexing Ltd.
The products of the traditional company were, as far as not yet present in the range of HEINZ, taken over to a large extent.
Durch den Erwerb aller Unterlagen von Manifold® ist es nur HEINZ möglich für alle Manifold®Getriebe Ersatzteile zu liefern oder komplette, originale Ersatzgetriebe zu fertigen.

Manufacturing of Indexers

We manufacture indexers and cam gears of the following types: globoid cam gears, parallel cam gears, globoid rotary tables, rotary tables, ring rotary tables and lift-swivel gears. Most of these indexers can also be designed as pendulum gears. Equipped with bevel gear or worm gear motors from well-known manufacturers, our gear units are excellent drive systems.

Of course, we manufacture the indexers, cam gears, globoid rotary tables, drum cam rotary tables, ring rotary tables and lifting swivel gears in versions tailored to our customers. On customer request, we produce globoid curves, drum curves (cylinder curve) as a groove curve or web curve, cam discs and double cam discs (which are also colloquially described as disc curves and double disc curves), groove curves, bead curves and axial curves as installation kits or components for packaging machines, automatic assembly machines, presses.


Our customers from handling technology, press construction and assembly automation use our gearboxes or components for linear technology, in clocked linear systems, for turntable or rotary table units and in complex drive systems. Our lifting gearboxes combine them with swivel and step gearboxes to create astonishing automatic assembly machines or handling devices in order to offer their customers technical advantage and the optimal solution. The special machine construction in the packaging and consumer goods industry appreciates the exact positioning at speeds of up to 2000 cycles per minute.