Our quality policy

Certification ISO 9001:2015

The standard is set by the customer. We are ready to adapt to the changing needs!

We want to secure competitive advantages in the target markets with high efficiency, reliability, delivery reliability and product quality. We constantly ensure high productivity of our work.

Quality management and assurance in the company are associated with a continuous improvement process. We use the suggestions of our employees as well as the advice of our customers.

The managing director and all those responsible for the process commit themselves to a continuous improvement process. All employees are involved in this process. The necessary funds will be provided and measures will be initiated and implemented to increase the quality awareness, motivation and information of the employees.

We develop the insight of all employees that quality is not only achieved through organizational and technical aspects, but also requires the conscious responsibility of each individual.

We use all potential to develop the creative abilities of the employees to increase the quality level. The quality of our products also depends on the quality of our suppliers. That's why we demand the highest quality from them and support them in achieving their quality goals.

Mistakes are understood by everyone as an opportunity for improvement. The same error must not occur again. Errors are acted on preventively.

The quality goal is always "zero error" or "100% correct".

We fight for the satisfaction of our customers and a high proportion of regular customers.

Every year we reconsider our quality policy and the concrete goals.

This quality policy is binding for all employees of our company.

In addition, if our customers have additional claims, they will of course be taken into account if they can be realized by us at a reasonable cost.

Certification 9001:2015 EnglishCertification 9001:2015 French
Certification 9001:2015 English
Certification 9001:2015 French