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Globoidal indexer

The possibility of designing the globoid cam gears allow many movements, speeds and step sizes on the output. These would be, for example, pendulum movements, pilgrim steps, constant speeds at transfer points and much more.
Globoid-Kurvengetriebe        Globoid-Kurvengetriebe
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Parallel cam gears

Parallel indexers are often used as a drive for conveyor belts or chain conveyors. Due to the extremely short switching angle, relatively long dwell phases can be realized. This is perfect to place or pick up products on the conveyor belt. Parallel indexers can also be designed as pendulum gears.
Schrittgetriebe_Rundtisch_Kurvengetriebe_HSP        Schrittgetriebe_Rundtisch_Kurvengetriebe_HSP
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Globoidal indextables

Globoid index tables are particularly suitable for large moments of inertia, but also for high speeds. Due to the possibility of implementing relatively small switching angles, these indexers are frequently used in continuously operating systems. There they are connected with other mechanical movements. This forced control allows very precise overlapping movements, which sometimes leads to extreme time savings.
Rundtisch_Kurvengetriebe_Schrittgetriebe_HT2400        Rundtisch_Kurvengetriebe_Schrittgetriebe_HT1500
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Cylindrical index tables

Cylinder cam rotary tables are characterized by a large cam radius. This ensures high positioning accuracy and allows the use of larger dial plates. In most cases, the cylinder cam rotary tables are used in intermittent operation (start-stop operation) because short switching angles are only possible to a limited extent.
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Pick and Placer

Pick and Placers allow the combination of lifting and stepping movements in one cycle (vertical and horizontal movement). Thus they offer a possibility to save production time and production area.
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