We produce indexing gears of the highest precision using one of most modern manufacturing facilities in Europe. High-performance machines can operate at speeds up to 2000 cycles/minute – we have the right solution for almost any application. Please visit our website and learn more about our vast range of products, detail drawings and instruction manuals. If you have any questions, so please contact us.


HEINZ AUTOMATIONS-SYSTEME GmbH, produce exclusively in Germany. The use of the highest quality materials and standard parts in the most modern manufacturing facilities ensure top-quality products.

In 2001, the HEINZ AUTOMATION-SYSTEMS GmbH took over all the rights, drawings and documents of the company Manifold® Indexing Ltd.
The products of the traditional company were, where they do not already exist in the range of HEINZ, largely met.
Having purchased all MANIFOLD® intellectual property, documentation and archive records puts HEINZ in the unique position to be able to supply spare parts for all existing MANIFOLD® indexers and to manufacture interchangeable replacements for original MANIFOLD® units.

Our range of products comprises globoidal gears, parallel cam gears, globoidal index tables, ring indexing tables and lifting-oscillating gears. Most of the gears are also available as oscillating gears and can be fitted with bevel gear or worm gear motors sourced from reputable manufacturers.

Our customers in handling technology, press construction and assembly automation use our gears or components for linear motion, switched linear systems, rotating table or circular table units and for complex drive systems. They combine our lifting gears with oscillating and indexing gears to create amazing automatic assembly machines or handling appliances in order to offer to their customers a technical advantage and the optimal solution. The special-purpose machine construction in the packaging and the consumer goods industry appreciates the exact positioning at speeds of up to 2000 cycles per minute.